Counterfeit Money Pens


Essential Traits That Included in Our Money

  • Watermark
  • Micro-Lettering
  • Latent Image
  • Identification Mark
  • Security Thread
  • Intaglio Printing
  • See-through Register
  • Optically Variable Ink

As a result of the mentioned features, our banknotes can be used with confidence in any part of the world. Best of luck as you order from our website.

Buy Counterfeit Money Pen Online



Buy Counterfeit Money Pen Online  Secure your cash operations and protect your business against counterfeits. In less than half a second the Safescan 155-S checks your banknotes on up to seven security features and verifies them with the highest precision, so even the most sophisticated counterfeits don’t stand a chance. Thanks to its uniquely compact design and large display the Safescan 155-S is not only quick and accurate, it can also be used in all sales environments. No matter how small! You can check your banknotes whenever and wherever you need.


    The Safescan 155-S is equipped with the latest sensor technology that scans your banknotes on up to seven security features, including infrared ink, magnetic ink, metallic threads, watermarks, colour, size and thickness. When it encounters a suspected counterfeit banknote, it will present an audio and visual alarm to notify you. Leaving no doubt whether the checked note is real or not.

    The Safescan 155-S is regularly tested at different central banks with the most sophisticated counterfeits to ensure 100% accurate detection.   Our simplified MicroSD update method allows you to easily update your device in no time, using your Mac or Windows PC. Giving you the tools to use your Safescan 155-S for years to come.


    Transform the Safescan 155-S into a mini banknote counter with the convenient add function. Simply activate the add function and let the Safescan 155-S do all the calculating for you. Not only does it give you a complete overview of the total number and value of all verified banknotes, but combined with the seperately available Safescan RS-100 banknote stacker accessory, it can also collect and store your notes until you are ready to process them.


    Check your banknotes whenever and wherever you need. Thanks to its uniquely compact the design, the Safescan 155-S has one of the smallest footprints on the market, when you use it. The innovative banknote exit guide pushes the banknotes up instead of out, which makes the Safescan 155-S fit in even the smallest environments. You can even use it without any plugs or while on the go with the optional Safescan LB-105 battery. A truly efficient and flexible solution.


  • 1           Automatic counterfeit detector that rapidly checks and verifies banknote

  • Checks and verifies banknotes for all pre-installed currencies
    • Pre-installed currencies: EUR, GBP, SCT, NIR
    • Verifies Euro and British pound notes in all four directions
    • Verifies Scotish and Northern Ireland pounds in one direction
    • Checks banknotes on up to seven security features: Infrared, Magnetic ink, Metallic thread, Watermark, Colour, Size and Thickness
    • Free currency updates available to download whenever a new banknote is released
    • Other currency packages available to download for free
    • Updates can be installed via the simplified MicroSD card method or with the optional update cable
    • Adds up the total number and value of the checked notes with the add function
    • Shows the total number and value of the verified banknotes
    • Easily operated thanks to the clear buttons and large 3.8” LCD display
    • Automatically switches to stand-by mode after 30 seconds without use
    • Fits in the smallest work spaces thanks to the space saving banknote exit guide
    • The banknote exit guide limits its required ​workspace to only 15.6 centimeters
    • Can be set-up to exit banknotes from both the front and back
    • Collects and stores stacks of banknotes with the optional Safescan RS-100 banknote stacker
    • Supports up to 30 hours of portable use with the optional Safescan LB-105 battery
    • Internal parts can be easily cleaned with the optional Safescan Cleaning Cards
    • Part number: 112-0691
    • Power: 110V-240V
    • Dimensions: 15.6 x 12 x 7.6 cm
    • Weight: 0.66 kg
    • 14 day satisfaction guarantee
    • 3 year warranty
    • CE certified

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